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Who is allowed to order an x-ray? Do I need a prescription for Ultrasound?

 New medicare guidelines have expanded ordering capabilities from M.D.'s and D.O.'s to non-physician persons such as RN's, LPN's, Certain clinical workers, social workers and more. Please visit the CMS or Centers for Medicare and Medicaid for more information.
For ultrasound, a prescription is not needed if you are self-pay, however in order to bill insurance we would need a prescription.

How is the x-ray done and how long will it take? How long for Ultrasound?

 The x-ray itself is digital which means far less exposure and time than traditional x-ray, which believe it or not, is still in use in many settings including hospitals, imaging centers and doctor's offices. We pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art lightweight device which allows us to get in and out swiftly. The average time from arrival, set-up, performing the exam and processing the images for your keeping is 20 minutes. If x-rays are needed on several parts of the body it may take slightly longer. After the X-ray Technologist leaves, the Radiologist receives the x-rays over the internet via their secure website where all films are read and dictated with a full report available 24 hours or less. Usually it will be the same day. Expedited services such as STAT or urgent reads are one hour or less. 
Ultrasound exams take longer than x-rays with the average exam ranging about 30 minutes. It is also the reason why they tend to cost more than x-ray exams.

What should I wear for the x-ray and ultrasound exams?

 The person receiving the exam should always be wearing clothes that will not interfere with the x-ray or ultrasound visually. It is best to wear simple clothing without intricate designs, buttons, buckles, straps or anything metallic. Bras must be removed for Chest X-rays unless they do not contain wires or clips (i.e. sports bra). It is best to remove all jewelry, hairclips and pins (if filming the neck or head) and keep all pockets empty. An X-ray or Ultrasound is NOT an MRI and no harm will come to you for having these items on your person but they will get in the way and interfere with what the Radiologist is looking to see. X-rays will penetrate dense clothing so t-shirts, sweatshirts and pants are acceptable and most preferred. For Ultrasound the technologist must place the scanner directly to your skin.

Who sees the results? Are they private?

 Absolutely, all exams and their results are private and held to the strict standards of HIPPA compliance. The only people that have access to your information are the R.T. performing exam, the Radiologist, and the certified staff providing results to the requested recipient(s).

Are there any age restrictions? What if I am pregnant?

 There are no age restrictions, young or old, for X-ray exams when ordered by a physician or authorized person or facility. All patients are shielded for their protection however pregnant women should NOT participate in an X-ray exam. If you are trying to get pregnant you should avoid X-rays until you can confirm that you are not. It is your responsibility to convey this to the technician when prompted and often you will be asked to sign a form regarding pregnancy. 
Ultrasound is non-invasive and pregnancy is a non issue as pregnant women often have ultrasonic exams.

Why are x-rays ordered instead of a CT or MRI? Isn't CT and MRI more accurate?

 Absolutely not. X-rays are still the go to exam for most Doctors and Hospitals. They are the quickest, most reliable form of imaging still available today. They are also the most affordable and do not expose you to long periods of radiation like CT exams or leave you trying to remain frozen and hold a pose for 15 minutes or more like MRI. Although those exams are beneficial, X-ray remains and will remain the MOST prescribed exam. And with the newest, most High Definition Digital X-rays, often most pathology is seen without the need for further exams. Ultrasound exams use sound waves to produce an image and are completely safe and non invasive.

I don't have insurance, what are the costs? I heard these exams cost a fortune!

 It's OK, with NOMADX insurance is not needed and you will never receive a bill from us! All of our X-rays are affordable and usually below most Hospitals and Imaging Centers for even faster service. Some of our x-rays begin for as little as $75. Considering an electrician, plumber or HVAC visit could cost upwards of $100 just for a consultation, this is you, or a loved ones' health and well-being.

We provide Mobile X-Rays and Mobile Ultrasounds for the entire Metro Atlanta Area.

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*rates based on standard 2012 Medicare allowance schedule. Additional fees may apply depending on distance traveled.

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