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At Home Care Patients

Diagnostic Imaging at Your Doorstep…


Unfortunately, accidents occur at home while caring for a loved one. The costs of calling an ambulance, disturbing their rest, their comfort zone, and bringing them to a fast -paced facility to perform exams can be overwhelming both physically and financially.

For a small fraction of the cost, you will have rapid response at their bedside with an X-ray technician that is more qualified than most facilities in Georgia that allow their staff to X-ray patients. In fact, most places employ workers who have received a simple 6 hour “crash course” on x-ray and patient care, or cross-train their staff to cut costs of hiring an ARRT Nationally Accredited Technologist!

Your loved one deserves the best, and we will never fall short of providing you with just that.  With our state-of-the-art Digital X-ray equipment and bedside manner, our on-call Radiologists provide reports quicker than most imaging centers and hospitals without the feeling of being treated like a number. Call today.

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