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TB tests are often needed for employment in the medical field and other jobs so that facilities can protect themselves from exposure to other staff and patients. Traditional “skin” tests have been shown to produce FALSE POSITIVES and therefore are no longer relied on by most agencies or hiring facilities. If you have been exposed to TB in the past, or come from a place where TB is common, skin tests can yield a false positive because you may react to the test from small bacterium that may be in your blood stream; but it does not mean you have active TB!

Skin tests are painful, and leave embarrassing marks or bruises, and most results are not available until 48-72 hours later. They require two or more visits and can be time consuming and expensive. Most hiring facilities require an X-ray IN ADDITION to the skin test because of this, however a Chest X-ray is often all you need and it’s good for up to 1 year or more.

We provide results in hours, not days and immediate results can be given in under one hour, for an additional fee if needed. They are backed by a Board Certified Radiologist report and are more accurate than most traditional skin tests. Don’t let a false positive delay your opportunity at a rewarding career. 

Atlanta X-Ray and Atlanta Ultrasound

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